How to use Freedom App on PC 2019 | Tips & User Reviews

As we all are concerned with many different applications and games nowadays, but we cannot enjoy them as much as we want to, because of different kinds of purchasing in it. In our Android devices, we are able to overcome this issue by means of some apps like Freedom app which tends us to purchase anything inside the game or app for free. But the Pc users still face that issue as they have not an Android operating system in their computers so what should they do? There are plenty of ways through which the Pc user can also enjoy the free in app purchases like android users do.
But the question is how?
Here we will tell you some quality ways through which any Pc user can enjoy the free in app purchases on pc.

The first is the KOPLAYER, now what is this actually? This is an android emulator and it is basically a software in our computer system that helps to enable the features of other operating systems in ours. Like you can use android applications into your pc without any ambiguity, you just need to download this software form the internet into your pc and here you are ready to use android applications and there you can use the freedom app and make free in app purchases like you do in your android mobile devices. This is a very fast and effective way to use android apps, games in your computer and do all those purchases for free.

How to Install Freedom App for PC using KOPLAYER Emulator:

  • The first step is you have to download Koplayer from Koplayer official website.
  • Now you have to install Koplayer in your Computer.
  • After this, you have to download Freedom App from here.
  • After installing it open the app by the help of Koplayer and start in app purchasing for free.

In our list the second thing is BLUESTACKS, Bluestack is basically another emulator application in our computers. The main reason for developing this application on pc is to enable all the android games and applications in our computer systems. Everyone wants to use android applications in their computers so this is a really easy way to use them in your computer system. You just have to search this application on the internet through your computer and simply download it just like you download other apps. This application will let you use the Android operating system on your pc, where you can easily download the games or applications of your desire and enjoy them. Not only you can use those applications in it, but you can also search for freedom app and make your purchasing free just like you do in your mobile Android devices.

How to Install Freedom App for PC using BlueStacks:

  • The first step is you have to download BlueStacks from BlueStacks official website –
  • Now you have to install BlueStacks in your Computer.
  • After this, you have to download Freedom App from the internet.

How to install Android Studio on Windows

First of all we discuss about android studio ,In Google I/O 2013 Android Studio (New IDE tool) launched by Google. Android studio based on IntelliJ IDEA.

I really like Android Studio instead of Eclipse(old tool but good) in developing because Google likes keep supporting it and make development easily with Android Studio for beginners. Android Studio, an intuitive development studio that has access to Google cloud services, code templates, and Git Hub integration etc.

There are a lot of people complaining that they are facing issues in Windows, such as “You need permission to perform this action”. I stumbled upon a guide, available at, which actually worked for me.

In this article i would like to tell you how to install Android Studio on windows so lets start…!

First thing to know about Android Studio its requirements for installing on System that mention below:

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft® Windows® 10/8/7/Vista/2003 (32 or 64-bit)
  • 2 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB RAM recommended
  • 400 MB hard disk space
  • At least 1 GB for Android SDK, emulator system images, and caches(you can also use Genymotion Emulator plugin I recommend to use Genymotion Emulator its really awesome 😀 )
  • 1280 x 800 minimum screen resolution
  • Java Development Kit (JDK) 7
  • Optional for accelerated emulator: Intel® processor with support for Intel® VT-x(Virtualization), Intel® EM64T (Intel® 64), and Execute Disable (XD) Bit functionality.

Lets start, First step to Download Android SDK (Android Studio ) from Google Click here to download Android Studio.It can take upto half an hour depend on your internet connection speed.

Now you need Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 to install Android Studio on your system. to download Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 Click here

Next step is most impotent to use Android studio Emulator is that your PC processor should supporting Virtualization to confirm your CPU virtualization has been enable OR not download Intel® Processor Identification Utility you can also check Virtualization with Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Detection Tool For AMD Processors Hyper-V Compatibility Check Utility and install it.see below how it will be look like on Intel Processors and Virtualization is Enable OR Not.enable-intel-virtualization-technology-on-a-lenovo-thinkpad

  • Virtualization is Enable

So after enabled Virtualization and Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 installed on system next we move on our main topic Installing Android Studio.

Installation of Android Studio:

Step1: Open downloaded Android Studio application when you open it will check you installed Java Development Kit (JDK) 7 OR not. If you already install it Setup continue.

Step 2: Choose installation path and Directory where you wanna save your Projects.

Step 3:Check all on these options see below

Android Studio installation

after that press next button installation will be start it can take upto 10 minutes just relax and sit back 😛 when installation complete Finish and open Android Studio now it will download Android SDK tools and Android 5.0.1 (API21) automatically (Recommended)

Now you can use Android Studio and Create your First Project/App 😀

Android StudioInstallation complete. in next article i will guide you How to Build apps with Android Studio so keep visiting us for more about Android developing.


If you want to change look to Darcula and Feel, (in Windows) just press: “Ctrl + ~” -> “Switch Look and Feel” -> “Darcula”.

This look of Android Studio is awesome, and I love it 😛


If you have any suggestion, question or query. Drop a comment below and we will get to you as we can :P.

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10 principles of Software Design

Top 10 Principles of Software Design Software development and designing are one of an essential things in the world of computer science. There are numerous programs available fulfilling various needs of people but what magical sorcery actually makes one software superior from others? I’ll try to elaborate some core aspects of software designing. Everyday new technology is being introduced to the world and new efficient ways are invented to get the job done but regardless of technologies being used a good software must follow the principles given below to dominate the market. It is advised to every developer out there to follow these significant features which are crucial for effective software designing.

Good Design comes with good and innovative ideas:

This is the most thing for a good software design, you must think beyond normal try to create something new, something that has never done before. Why would someone buy your word processing program or 3D modeling software if there are plenty of available in market providing same functionality? You must dig in deep what customers actually want? What can make them even happier? New and easy to use graphical interface? Or speedy and efficient throughput? The more creative you are the better it is! Never try to copy or mimic something that is already available be innovative introduce new possibilities new ideas.

Customers are big deal:

Before digging into subject what qualities a software must possess or principles it must follow let me make it very clear no matter what “Customers First”. Whenever you are starting the project the very first thing you need to focus on is customer’s point of view. Think like them what you require, how you need to get it done, what are the constraints and what makes you happy? Tackling these questions with customer’s perspective is the first thing you must follow then move towards toward selecting technologies, tools, contracts and requirements. What is the purpose of coding and designing a software for months and years if you don’t get enough customers so remember “Always take care of your customer or someone else will”.

Neat Code, Happy life:

Whatever you are developing you and your team will have to go through your code infinite times. Make sure whatever you are coding is readable, easy to understand and modify, follow a good technique to write your code which is easy to edit if required. When you are working on any project there would be lots of bugs hiding deep in your code, many logical errors would be easy to debug if the code is healthy. Chose a good technique to declare variables, write methods and making classes don’t try to make something you yourself will forget after a period of time and comment a lot! It will save much of your time and make your team happy. One more thing you must follow is to avoid waste, by that I mean don’t try to overdo anything like extra documentation, processes and tips just stick to your requirements and try to solve them in chunks. When you are working in groups and have distributed workload or you are trying to solve problems in chunks the biggest problem you will face at the end is integration. Sometimes programmes don’t focus on integration area which results in difficulties while connecting all the chunks they have for their software. Try to think of ways which will make integration easier at the end. As a developer, the biggest difficulty I used to face was editing and debugging my code because of my crappy way of writing. After reading several books on how to code better my life became much easier and happier.

Be useful:

I have many friends who work for weeks and months just for something that has no real value in software designing for example animation at the start of program or extra stylish user interface which actually makes the product complex and in result many simplicity loving users fade away because the product isn’t doing something useful instead it is providing same feature lots of programs already have. The only thing new is difficulty in understanding structure and deep learning curve of the program. So whenever you are developing something think of things that are useful, things which will solve real value problems of users in an easier way. Don’t waste your time doing things that will have no value for the customer. Making your software stylish and beautiful is essential but you don’t need to overdo it! It will only harm the whole process and customers.

Charm of the aesthetic design:

Consider you are working on a whole new website or another development project, what will you choose a modern easy to use UI with awesome looks or some old school blog model? Let me give you another example if you are writing an action shooting game what would you prefer pixelated graphics or some real badass graphics like Battlefield? If your answer is pixelated graphics let me laugh at you because no one will buy your game instead they will spend their bucks on the battlefield even if the customer have no idea about the gaming industry. Just because it looks better. The same principle applies in software designing if your website looks professional people will trust on your publishing likewise if your software is easy on eyes with the elegant look (not to confuse elegant with over themed and stylized look) I’m pretty sure you will be able to attract a vast amount of audience. But remember one thing don’t make things difficult for users you must maintain elegance with ease of use for superior design.

Honesty is the best policy:

There are numerous programs in the market promising for this and that but in reality, they are not doing what they promise to do. Some developers face difficulty while fulfilling the promises they made and some developers are a bunch of a**h***s and trust me being one of them is the worst thing ever. These developers have no intentions to satisfy customers all they want is money and downloads that’s why they publish false description and promises with their software which they never fulfill, it is a publicity stunt no developer must do! Whatever you are developing be honest don’t try to promise something you can’t manage to achieve or don’t publicize the things you won’t be able to accomplish with your software instead be innovative and most importantly be honest!

Think ahead, stick to long lasting trends:

When you are making a new graphical user interface or something new try to think ahead of time and select the proper design which will last long enough. The more future proof your software is the better it is. For example, think of Apple’s icons, small squares with curved edges stylized with a minimalistic look. It has been the very long time they are following the same icon design till now, they made some improvements and made them prettier with time but the main design is still being followed after many years. A good design must be long lasting whatever you develop to make it future proof.

Be resource friendly and environment friendly:

Things get pretty easier if they are resource and environment-friendly, it’s not like some industrial work that consuming less and wasting less would make the environment clean and happy but you can still follow the idea of environment and resource friendly just to make your customers happy. Don’t develop something that will make CPU, RAM or other hardware suffer. Use lighter frameworks, compressed images and optimize your code for maximum results. It will speed up your software, don’t try to make cool looking intro or ultra-high resolution web based project. Page load time and computing time can be increased with the efficient use of resources and most importantly many users will be satisfied and remember one thing not all of your customers might have high-end PCs or lightning fast internet connections that are why to think before you do.

Perfectness everywhere:

There is a very popular rule for designing software known as 80/20 rule and by that it means first twenty percent of your time must accomplish eighty prevent of your work. Then comes the polishing and improving each and every part of your software. The last twenty percent of your work must consume eighty percent of your time. Software design is considered best when every minor and little part of it is perfect and polished and trust me it gets really tedious and frustrating to cover each and every little segment of your software and sometimes you will want to quit but never give up. A good design is the production of the good and hardworking designer. Test again and again and try to analyze your software from every point view from all sides. Another thing you must focus on is ease of use along with information availability. Your software must deliver brief and complete information to users in the best way possible.

Helping and documentation:

There are some things only you are aware of from your software or best ways to use the program with efficiency minimum time. The only way your customers will learn how to properly use the software in a best way possible is through help and documentation section. Consider you have created a game engine consisting of your personally made libraries having methods to accomplish different things but how would your customers know what function to call what arguments to pass. The only way of helping users is guiding them with proper API and brief documentation section covering every part of your software. It depends if you want to give them through animated clips or thoroughly written text, whenever you design a software don’t forget to make a deeply elaborated help and documentation section.

Keep on improving:

The key to success is to keep on improving if your software has minor bugs debug them! If you can manage 20 users per server make them 40 or 25 at least. The long road of improving and getting better is hard and frustrating but if you have enough willpower it gets unremarkably rewarding. Don’t stick to the same stage for a long time keep on pushing your limits no matter what happens promise to stay focused and trying your best to maintain your software. Make beta versions of your software and receive feedbacks from users about what they want and what things you are lacking it is a great way of learning and overcoming your mistakes.

These were some of the principles of good software design according to me, I know there is the lot more to say discuss but I can’t cover them all here. If I missed something or I’m wrong please let me know. Thank you

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What is right size for graphic tablet

There are some factors when you choose a right graphics tablet to benefit your needs. In my opinion the size is first factors to consider.  The size, I mean, not the actual size of the tablet, but the active area. Accurately, the active area is the pressure sensitive surface receives the signal from the stylus pen, so that the active area is smaller than the tablet.

For example, Wacom Intuos Small Tablet:
Product size: 8.2 by 6.9 inches
Active area: 6 by 3.7 in

If dimensions are only told in advertisement, Minus anywhere from 2-5 inches of width and length and then get active areas

A lager or small graphic pad or tablet may trouble you a lot because of the motion of arms or the size of the fingers. So the size of the tablet should actually in proportion to your fingers and arms. By the way, a lager surface may be more desirable, but the price will definitely be higher.

For example, Wacom Intuos Pro Pen and Touch Large Tablet (PTH851)
Lager $449.00
Medium $329.00
Small $239.00

On the other hand, the lager the dimensions of product is, the more desktop will be taken.

According to 4:3 aspect ratio of traditional computer monitors, the 4×5, 6×8, and 9×12 sizes are popular. However more sizes have been developed by manufacturers to meet the new needs for widescreen monitors. most of them are from Wacom. In my opinion, the 6×8 is the best choice.

Recently, a new tablet have been produced, the Interactive Pen Display, by Wacom. Your natural creative works will be directly seen on screen of the tablet. How excited! As it is a new product, the price is high (over $ 900 or more). If you are hobbyists and your budget is available, it will bring you lots of fun. But, personally, professional artist have better consider it seriously before buying it. Because sensitivity pressure bug have been mentioned in some reviews. Get more reviews about Wacom Cintiq 13HD Interactive Pen Display


  • When you shop, it is necessary to consider both the active area and the dimensions.
  • The 6×8 is a good choice.
  • For home users and hobbyists, the most common sizes are 4″ by 5″ and 6″ by 8″.
  • Artists, designers, photographers and Professional jobs are recommended 6″x8″, and 9″x12″.